BY Mark Babatunde, 10:00am July 15, 2016,

Bishop Obinim Offers Prayers for Sexual Enhancement

bishop Daniel Obinim of the God's Way International Ministry Ghana photo:

Bishop Daniel Obinim, head pastor and minister in charge of the God’s Way International Ministry in Ghana has proffered a non-conventional but interesting approach to treating any perceived sexual inadequacies suffered by the male members of his congregation and possibly as many other men around the world.

In a recent miracle/healing service at his church Bishop Obinim reportedly requested the male members of his congregation who desired a bigger penis to file out for healing prayers. Consequently, many male worshippers who considered themselves to be lacking in that “department” promptly filed out for their healing.

Bishop Obinim then proceeded to offer special prayers while laying hands on their underwhelming genital region.

Sometime in March this year, Bishop Obinim must have rattled the members of the plastic surgery community when he reportedly offered again to dispense – through prayers – supernatural body enhancement procedures to female members of his congregation who may desire bigger buttocks or firmer, rounder breasts. More than a few eyebrows were raised, especially within the traditional Christian community, when Bishop Obinim was quoted for making the following controversial statement:

“If you do not like the looks of any part of the body, come to me, what do you want that I cannot offer?…if you want a big buttocks I can do it for you, if you want a big breast I can help you… if you have a small manhood I can change them all when I come to the spiritual realm…”

Bishop Obinim is no stranger to controversy; he has been known to make claims about having supernatural powers that could physically transform him from a human being into any animal of his choosing. His rare abilities have been confirmed by none other than his wife; popular Ghanaian gospel singer Florence Obinim.

It is no secret that quite a number of people are not satisfied with how they look, and many would not hesitate to alter or improve on their physical appearances in one way or another, especially if they had the means. There is no shortage to the list of possible reasons why people may seek to change their appearance, from needing to correct congenital malformations to plain vanity.

The use of cosmetic makeup to improve appearances is quite widespread and acceptable in all over Africa. Many are reluctant, however, to opt for invasive cosmetic surgery procedures because of the cost implications. Many more continue to be held back by conservative/traditional values about beauty. Could Bishop Obinim’s offer of supernatural body enhancement procedures help bypass those drawbacks?

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