Six astounding girls from Africa who are taking the world by storm

Mildred Europa Taylor October 11, 2018

Natalie Wambui — Samrack Media

Natalie Wambui

At the age of 10, Natalie Wambui from Kenya is already an author, poet, and inspirational speaker. After starting her journey as a book author while in her hospital bed around the age of five, Wambui has made it to the list of a few Kenyan authors whose books are trading on Amazon.

She recently spoke on how her doctor exposed her to authorship.

“When in hospital, my doctor used to encouraged me to keep short journals. Even after leaving the hospital, my writing talent never left me. Something just told me that I should just continue writing.”

Wambui has so far authored three books: Natalie’s Poems, Kenya My Country, My Story, and recently Extraordinary Kenyans doing Extraordinary Things and currently working on the fourth one.

Wambui, who hopes to grow into a reputable author said her writings are meant to give hope to many who are facing challenges in the pursuit of their dreams. Her poems are mainly about people changing the narrative in Kenya and have been inspired by her frustrations about corruption and other social ills in her country.


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