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Six festive celebrity quotes to get you in the Christmas spirit

Michelle Obama talks with children of military families in the Green Room of the White House during the Christmas holiday press preview, Nov. 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

We’re just a day away from Christmas and we know some of you can’t wait to hang out with family and friends while probably munching on some home-cooked meals and complementing it with some chilled drinks.

As we all impatiently wait for the D-Day, we share with you some quotes and messages from these black celebrities to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Check them out below:

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Michelle Obama

“We have a reception almost twice a day, every day, until December 21. That means hors d’oeuvres and eggnog and cookies for every guest who comes through. The house smells incredible for an entire month.”Michelle Obama

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Halle Berry

“The day I saw my mom eating the Santa cookies on the plate was one of the most horrific days of my life.”Halle Berry

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2Pac Shakur

“Christmas to me is as many people as possible happy. So I’m not saying … peace on the earth and all of that. I’m talking about just like, you know, a house full of my homies, friends, youngsters, old people, OGs, everybody just having fun, just getting your drink on. Everybody is just celebrating, reminiscing, remembering the dead, the people in jail. That’s the greatest, that’s Christmas. That’s what makes it real.”2Pac Shakur

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Oprah Winfrey

“I will never forget when I was about 12, and my mother told my siblings and me that we would not be receiving Christmas gifts because there wasn’t enough money. I remember at the time that I felt sad and thought: “What would I say when the other kids asked what I had gotten?” Just when I started to accept that there would not be a Christmas that year, three nuns showed up at our house with gifts for us. There was a turkey, a fruit basket, and some games, and for me, there was a doll.”Oprah Winfrey

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“Enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love. Michelle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!”Barack Obama, 2018.

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Kobe Bryant

“Christmas morning, I’m going to open presents with my kids. I’m going to take pictures of them opening the presents. Then I’m going to come to the Staples Center and get ready to work.”Kobe Bryant

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