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Six of the funniest and best black gender reveals ever

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Is it a boy or a girl?!

Gender reveals have become a thing now and couples are putting in time and work to make sure they share the big news in the best and most creative ways ever.

What used to be just a private doctor’s appointment where the couple get to know the baby’s gender through an ultrasound has evolved into a party where family, friends and well-wishers mingle and partake in activities leading up to the big blue or pink revelation.

Though some have ended in epic fails and unfortunate tragedies, like an Iowa woman losing her life after a homemade device that was to reveal the baby’s gender exploded with the debris hitting her head, quite a handful have been completed successfully and in very innovative and funny ways.

And for whatever activity that trends, just like gender reveals, always count on black folks to be at the forefront with creative ideas and sometimes hilarious epic fails. Check a few of them out below.

If you’re planning on having a gender reveal any time soon, please ensure it’s as simple as possible so as to prevent any tragedy.

A race to the finish line, who wins? The boy or girl?

What’s going to pop out of the balloon belly?

Well, this didn’t go too well. The balloon and wind had other plans!

This has to be the shadiest reveal ever. They got everyone confused!

This couple decided to take it to the lab for a more scientific reveal. Check out the chemical reaction! 

Who said “Game of Thrones” themed reveal?

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