Six places you must visit in Mauritania before the end of the year

Novieku Babatunde Adeola November 28, 2019
Photo: Chinguetti libraries


Chinguetti, a medieval Berber city currently under the threat of being swallowed by the desert.

Established in 777,  the city served a sole purpose: a trading center. By the 11th century, Chinguetti had developed into a prosperous city, home to several rich traders and elites and the most important trading center in Sub Saharan Africa with several trans Saharan slave routes.

Photo: Chinguetti libraries

The ancient city offers unique architecture with beautiful mosques and libraries that testify to the development of written literature and education in Africa long before the coming of the Europeans.

Its beautiful mosques built with brick and sand were once the principal gathering place for pilgrims and it soon became known as a holy city.


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