South Africans Celebrate National Heritage Day in Style

Fredrick Ngugi September 26, 2017
A South African woman celebrating the National Heritage Day. Photo credit: Pretoria East Rekord

Every year, South Africans celebrate their national heritage by remembering and honoring the many cultures that make up the country’s population.

The National Heritage Day, which is celebrated on every 24 September, recognizes the cultural heritage embraced by different cultural groups across the country.

A number of events are held in different parts of the country to honor the day.

It’s a day filled with pomp and color as South Africans put on their best traditional attires and other African-inspired fashion items to mark the fete.

National Heritage Day South Africa

Celebrating the National Heritage Day in South Africa. Photo credit: Twitter

Pomp and Color

This year’s National Heritage Day was celebrated on Sunday, with thousands of South Africans from different ethnic groups gathering at the Tshwane Events Centre to commemorate the event.

On this day, each cultural group observes and commemorates its unique cultures as well as the national heritage, which includes the country’s beautiful ecosystem, wildlife and other unique natural wonders.


Heritage Day

Celebrating the National Heritage Day in South Africa. Photo credit: Twitter

Leading the celebrations on Sunday, the South African President Jacob Zuma said the people’s political and cultural freedoms are well represented in the country’s Constitution.

“In promoting our culture and heritage, we should always be informed by the Constitution and the values it espouses. Our Constitution and our culture actually promotes safety and security of all,” Zuma was quoted by News24.

He also recognized South African artists who have preserved the country’s cultural heritage through art. He also thanked the creative industry for promoting the nation’s rich culture and heritage.

The President concluded by challenging his fellow countrymen to protect South Africa’s liberation heritage and make the country better for the current and future generations.

Preserving South African Heritage

In South Africa, a country where almost every human race is represented, culture and traditional uniqueness are held in very high regard.

Therefore it is not surprising to find cultural institutions that have been established by different cultural groups to ensure their communal and cultural practices are nourished.

National Heritage Day celebrations

National Heritage Day celebrations in South Africa. Photo credit: Twitter

These institutions also serve as important reservoirs of information that pass down wisdom and impart knowledge to younger generations.

The country also has various modern heritage institutions such as museums, libraries, cultural villages, galleries and heritage sites where young people can learn about their history.

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