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These ingenious African innovations existed before colonisation

These ingenious African innovations existed before colonisation

Rulers of ancient Egypt — World Atlas


Some of the earliest evidence of human civilisations comes from Africa. Ancient Egypt prospered for almost 3000 years and is believed to have been one of the longest lasting civilisations in history.

The Ancient Egyptians produced the first 365-day calendar that was based on flooding of the Nile. They also invented a form of picture writing called hieroglyphics. They further believed that there was life after death, and hence realized that bodies of the dead had to be preserved for the afterlife. They subsequently built pyramids to house their dead.

History also says that people in East Africa had around 1400 BC started producing steel, using techniques that were not developed in Europe until so many years later. Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania were believed to have been experiencing the Iron Age as early as the 6th century BC, which later spread across the continent.

The Bantu people who occupied an area around the borders of modern-day Nigeria and Cameroon were thought to have spread metalworking and agriculture as they were moving from around 3000 BC to eastern and southern areas of Africa.

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