This Black-owned company allows customers to design their own credit cards

Abu Mubarik October 09, 2020
This black-owned company allows customers to design their own credit cards: Credit: BlackBusiness

Many businesses and individuals often want products they purchase to be customized to suit their taste or company brand. In the credit card industry, customization is not a widely known practice. To fill the market gap, a company called Ztegrity has created a metal MasterCard debit card that allows customers to design their own cards.

The Black-owned company based in Houston, Texas, is founded by Troy Mason. He is also the creator of the card. The card has several exciting features and benefits that make it more desirable than the usual black card banks issue to their customers.

Mason said he started his company three years ago when he received a metal credit card in his mailbox. Then it occurred to him: ‘how many people actually have his type of card and would actually love to own one.’

“I was so excited about it,” he said about receiving his metal credit card. “ I wonder how many people would love to have a really nice card like this but couldn’t get it because they didn’t have the credit score or the income.”

He later researches on it and noticed that only about five percent of people do have the income to get a nice, high-end card. “But we’ve all heard about people with a metal card. I actually admired them but to own one is a different story.”

According to him, he did a background check and what was striking for him was that there was nothing special about the credit cards.

That was when he decided to venture into the industry, he recounts. “I can do the same thing, why can’t I?” he asked himself. His lack of knowledge on the production of the credit cards did not deter him. He soldiered on.

He started the card production but it failed in the first year. By the second year, “I found some manufacturers and I was able to work the program and put some things together, build some relationships and so we were able to issue out the first metal card.” The quality of his card and the benefits associated with it scaled up interests from people across the U.S.

Raven L. Mahdee, who is an executive member of the company of Ztegrity, outlined the advantages the metal MasterCard debit card has over the plastic ones issued by banks.

He told Blackbusiness that the metal MasterCard comes with an account/routing number; it is from a gold plated metal and comes with an investment plan. He also added that the metal Mastercard offers free cash withdrawal from all banks, it has a business model attached to the card and customers can design their own cards.

“That’s just the tip because the card has so many other benefits that bank cards or other cards are not even offering,” he said. According to him, non-profit organizations such as Black chambers, sororities, fraternities, and other institutions are excited about the fact that they have their organization’s logo on it. Besides that, they are equally impressed with the quality and benefits of the card, he said.

Mahdee added that demand has soared nationwide while many who have purchased the card have started calling to inquire if they are offering business models that customers could be part of by sharing with other people.  

Ztegrity initially sold directly to customers through advertisement but due to COVID-19 challenges, the company had to change its business model. Mahdee said the company weathered the storm by coming up with a new business plan that has really been a huge success with people earning additional income.

Also, despite the card being gold plated, high end and having an extravagant outlook, Mahdee said the company has made it quite affordable for everyone. He was optimistic the card will become a global hit soon. “The metal MasterCard debit card is a card that will become the ultimate card in people’s wallets worldwide, replacing plastic cards,” said Mahdee.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 9, 2020


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