This entrepreneur quit dancing for Britney Spears and Janet Jackson to follow her passion for designing luxury shoes

Stephen Nartey June 02, 2023
Based in Las Vegas, Aminah Abdul Jillil is now the driving force behind her eponymous direct-to-consumer shoe brand. Photo credit: Macy’s via Youtube

Aminah Abdul Jillil had always nursed the ambition of pursuing her dreams as a fashion designer. What she wasn’t certain about was which aspect of the genre she would settle on. Caught between her hobby and her dreams, she placed the aspiration of being a fashion designer on ice while she took classes to sharpen her skills.

As a talented and passionate person, when the time came, she remarkably transitioned from being a professional dancer for renowned artists like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson to becoming a successful luxury shoe designer. Though she had spent a significant amount of time on stage performing as a dancer for prominent acts such as Cirque du Soleil, she ultimately found her true calling in the world of footwear, footwear news reported.

Based in Las Vegas, Aminah Abdul Jillil is now the driving force behind her eponymous direct-to-consumer shoe brand. Her feminine and elegant shoe designs have resonated with consumers in a way that surpassed her expectations.

Despite the initial apprehension caused by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aminah’s business flourished and experienced tremendous success. She attributes this success to the support of her loyal customers and the growing popularity of her brand.

Her journey into the fashion industry began to take shape while she was still pursuing her career as a dancer. In her free time between dance jobs, she enrolled in fashion illustration and sewing courses in Santa Monica.

Fashion became a creative outlet for her during intense periods of dancing and rehearsing. Over time, her interest in fashion grew, and she eventually made the decision to fully devote herself to this new passion.

In 2012, Aminah launched her shoe brand, marking a significant turning point in her life. With dedication and determination, she poured her energy into creating unique and luxurious footwear for women. Her designs often showcase feminine details, intricate craftsmanship, and a touch of glamour, reflecting her own artistic sensibilities.

Since the launch of her brand, she has continued to make waves in the fashion industry. Her shoes have been featured in numerous fashion magazines and worn by celebrities on red carpets and at high-profile events. By staying true to her vision and consistently delivering high-quality products, she has built a strong following of fashion-forward women who appreciate her exquisite designs.

As a former professional dancer, Aminah brings a distinct perspective to her shoe designs. Her understanding of movement, grace, and the importance of comfort allows her to create shoes that not only look stunning, but also feel great to wear. This combination of style and functionality has become one of the defining characteristics of her brand.

Her journey to success from the stage to the design studio undoubtedly serves as an inspiring example of following one’s passion and embracing new opportunities.

Leveraging her background in dance and inherent creativity, she has crafted a successful career in the fashion industry. With each pair of luxury boots and shoes, she continues to make a mark on the world of footwear, leaving an indelible impression on those who wear her creations.

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