This is Bobbi Peterson, the dentist behind the first Black electric toothbrush

Abu Mubarik March 28, 2022
Dr Bobbi Peterson. Photo credit: Vegasmagazine

Dr. Bobbi Peterson is one of only three Black female orthodontists in Brooklyn. She is also the only Black female orthodontist in New York City who owns the building her practice is based out of, according to Vegas Magazine.

The HBCU graduate is the founder of Aces Braces, an orthodontist practice located in Brooklyn. She has been teaching her community oral hygiene through free orthodontic evaluations usually on the first Tuesday of the month. Peterson is also behind an “innovative, patent-pending battery-operated toothbrush” known as the “Big Mouth Brush,” as stated by Vegas Magazine. The electronic brush aims at cutting tooth-brushing time in half.

The innovation makes Peterson the first African American to design an electric toothbrush. “I’m so excited about the release of my toothbrush,” Peterson told Vegas magazine. “It’s going to be so awesome, and all those who are really into maintaining proper oral hygiene are going to love it!”

According to her, the inspiration behind the electric toothbrush came from her family. Peterson, the daughter of a dentist, was the youngest in her family but also the loudest. She knew the importance of oral care right from childhood.

Peterson became a brand ambassador for what was the only Black-owned manual toothbrush company. At the time, she wanted to partner with the owner of the company to develop an electric toothbrush. But the owner told her that an idea of an electronic toothbrush was not possible. Following that discussion, she decided to quit as an ambassador to pursue her idea of developing an electric toothbrush.

A second-generation African-American dentist who graduated from Howard University, Peterson opened her first practice in 2018 following the successful completion of her residency program. However, due to high rent charges, she was compelled to move to three different locations before she could afford her own space.

“I believe that, in order to be successful, you have to start something on your own,” she told Vegas magazine. “Yes, it is going to be challenging, but no company will pay you how much you’re actually worth. You can only earn as much money as you deserve when you become independent.”

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