This three-year-old’s Venom makeup skills will keep you awake at night

Ama Nunoo June 03, 2021
Dakota Patton in her bathroom following the tutorial for Venom. Photo: Ja'Rell Patton/ GMA

A three-year-old is inspired to paint after seeing the face painting of Heath Ledger’s Joker from “The Dark Knight”. Dakota Patton has learned to put on makeup like a pro with little to no errors and her father Ja’Rell posts them on TikTok. Her most recent video has gone viral for all the right reasons. She took the character Venom to a whole new level.

What started as just lines on her face at the beginning of the video uploaded on May 29 turned out to be an amazing transformation. She meticulously followed an online tutorial of an artist painting Venom on their face and Dakota nailed it every step of the way. 

Ja’Rell vouches that his little girl did the painting by herself and as seen in the video, he pops into the bathroom at various stages interacting with her and checking on her progress report. 

“I was so shocked to see how good she did,” Patton told Good Morning America. “How detailed it was from the lines to seeing the teeth to how she barely messed up.”

According to him, Dakota is a hands-on kind of girl who is into arts and crafts. When she developed a knack for painting, her parents introduced her to online tutorials. She does her makeup to look like different pop culture figures such as Harley Quinn, Pennywise from “It” and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” her dad told the outlet. 

“She loves doing arts and crafts but fell in love with painting last year,” Patton said. “She ran with it — learning, watching, and studying everything she can.”

Many people on social media are praising the Pattons for their positive affirmations splashed all over their bathroom mirrors and walls. It was Ja’Rell’s idea to do so to motivate his family and remind them to be great in all they do. So, words like “You are special! Don’t forget”, “Focus in school” and “Pray every day!” are seen in the mirror. 

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