This woman strengthened her marriage by breastfeeding her husband

Stephen Nartey September 13, 2023
Rachel Bailey and her husband. Photo: Rachel Bailey/itsrachelbailey

It started with Rachel Bailey breastfeeding her husband, Alexander, in 2016 out of pain and discomfort. However, the cult practice between the two gave birth to a way of consolidating their bond as a couple. That is the advice Rachel is sharing with couples who are looking forward to a lasting marriage. If they want a stronger marriage, the husband should be breastfed, she said. 

Initially, Alexander started breastfeeding as a way to assist his wife during a time when she was overproducing breast milk while nursing their children. However, the couple discovered that this unique experience not only helped with childcare but also significantly strengthened their marriage, creating a strong and lasting bond between them.

Though it took off as an accident, Rachel, who resides in Florida, has consistently prioritized ensuring her babies are fed before Alexander consumes the remaining breast milk. This practice started when she went on a cruise with Alexander while her eldest child, Troy, who is now seven, was still breastfeeding, according to the New York Post. During the cruise, Rachel forgot her breast pump and experienced painful engorgement for two days. Fearing infection, she and her husband, Alexander, made the decision for him to consume her breast milk as a means of relief.

Despite being aware that their actions might be considered unusual by many, Rachel and Alexander continued with their therapy. They initially felt nervous about the idea but soon realized that it was perfectly acceptable and beneficial for their situation.

Alexander noted that Rachel’s breast milk tasted different from what he was accustomed to drinking, but he appreciated the nutritional benefits it offered. Rachel, on the other hand, believed that this unconventional practice was a way to provide him with valuable nutrients and enhance their bonding time. They both concluded that there was nothing wrong with this arrangement, and it had nutritional benefits for Alexander.

After Alexander began drinking Rachel’s breast milk, he reportedly did not get sick for two years, and his skin improved according to feedback from others. He developed a preference for breast milk over cow’s milk. Despite family and friends raising eyebrows, Rachel explained that their actions are not driven by any sexual or kinky motivations. It initially began as a way for Alexander to help with her pain but evolved into an emotional bonding experience for them.

Rachel said she values breastfeeding as a means of spending quality time together with her partner and believes it has brought them closer as a couple.

Indeed, during Rachel’s second and third pregnancies, Alexander helped her again when she overproduced breast milk. Initially, he breastfed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they changed the pattern when Rachel produced less milk.

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