Three incredible examples of gender fluidity among African peoples

Nii Ntreh March 12, 2021
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King Mwanga II of the Buganda was known to have male lovers. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mudoko dako among the Lango

The Lango people in northern Uganda had the concept of mudoko dako which can better be understood as womanized men. They were considered a category of possessing alternative gender identity even though some of them were able to marry men without sanctions, prior to British colonialism.

The British anthropologist, Jack Driberg, recorded that he even saw some mudoko dako simulating menstruation. It was thought among the Lango that those who were mudoko dako were men who were not capable of fulfilling traditional masculine expectations. So we do have an idea that their anatomy was not important to how they were treated and what roles they assumed in society.

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