TikToker who suffered chemical peel burns after spa visit awarded $1M 

Francis Akhalbey July 19, 2023
Neyo White filed a lawsuit against Diamond Facez Skin Care Bar and its CEO -- Left photo via GoFundMe | Right photo via The Sun

Neyo White, the TikToker who went viral last year when he spoke about suffering severe facial chemical peel burns following a visit to a Georgia spa, was awarded $1 million after he filed a lawsuit against the company.

According to TMZ, White, who filed the lawsuit against Diamond Facez Skin Care Bar and its CEO, was awarded the aforementioned amount in June. The company’s CEO reportedly applied the chemical peel on White’s face. White will be receiving $750,000 as compensation while the company’s CEO will cover the outstanding amount. Besides that, the TikToker will also get $250K in punitive damages. 

White went viral on TikTok in February last year after he showed the second-degree burns he had suffered on his face in the wake of the procedure at the spa. The TikToker said that was the first time he received a chemical peel treatment, adding that he couldn’t tell what was going to come out of the procedure. 

During the procedure, White said he started to feel a serious burning sensation on his face and quickly spoke about it. He, however, said the esthetician, told him the feeling wasn’t unusual.

“After she’s finished doing the chemical peel, my face is white and gray. And so I asked her, I said, ‘Hey, aren’t you going to remove this [acid] off me face?’ She said, ‘Oh no, you’ll be fine.’ She said, ‘It’ll dry up a few minutes later, a maybe a few hours later.’”

The chemical peel ultimately burned White’s face after he returned home. He also claimed the company declined to repay the $150 he had paid for the service and signaled his intention to file a lawsuit. 

“I did not do this for any type of clout chasing or views or anything like that,” White initially said in a video TMZ posted. “People also saying, ‘Oh he created a GoFundMe account, so he’s trying to scam people.’ I created the GoFundMe because I have to pay out of pocket for Ubers to the burn specialist … That;s 45 minutes away. I still have to pay other fees—medical fees after the insurance covers what it’s going to cover.”

White later received laser treatments to repair the damage on his face. He has also launched a skincare brand called “Neyo Skincare Brand.”

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