Poem: African Center of Knowledge





There was a prophecy:

[That] these Black women, men, and children will be one again.
That Africa will rise again and these people will be celebrated as one and the same.

Say it again, children of Sheba, daughters of  Chaka Zulu, or sons of Blues. Whether N’gambaye, Sara, Hutu, Tustsi, Yuroba, Igbo, Bushmen, Bantu or Zulu

Center of Knowledge that I call Timbuktu.

These dreamers and fighters once were manipulated and fought against each other as if old habits couldn’t stand the new.

Spectrum of courage and values that enable us to have a voice,
Will you be by our side when things go from golden to blue?

Cultivated are her children who remember this Beauty of the Nile or deserted Sahara full of clues.

Simplicity has a complex Nature;
Black will always be Beautiful, a Blessing, and Bountiful.

Gravity and the devil were doing everything to work against you.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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