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Top 10 African athletes who blazed a trail for women in sports

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©Werek/DPA/MAXPPP ; Leichtathletik, Olympia 1984 Los Angeles.
400 m Huerden Frauen.
Nawal EL MOUTAWAKEL (MAR) jubelt mit der marokkanischen Flagge.

Nawal El Moutawakel (Morocco)

The Moroccan Minister of Sports from 2007 to 2009 was the first Moroccan, Arab, African, and Muslim woman to win an Olympic gold medal in the 400m hurdles event at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. This happened to be the first time that the race became a part of the program of the Olympic games. The gold medalist in 1995 became a member of the International Athletics Federation. She subsequently became a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1998 and held positions on the Executive Board. Before becoming a Sports Minister in 2007, Moutawakel was appointed the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports in Morocco by King Hassan II. Born in 1962 in Casablanca, Morocco, Moutawakel is now seen as one who champions the movement of emancipation through sport, culture, and politics.


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