by Omolayo Nkem, at 12:45 pm, May 08, 2017, Opinion

West Africa’s 5 Most Beautiful University Campuses

1. University of Lagos – Lagos, Nigeria

If you have ever been at this campus during dusk, you will understand why it’s the No. 1 school on our list. With its palm-tree-lined entrance, shady courtyard in front of the Faculty of Law, and even a grove with chattering monkeys, there is no denying that the natural beauty of this campus won it its place on this list. The buildings are nice too.

The breezy grove looks out on to the Lagos Lagoon and the 3rd Mainland Bridge, which is the 2nd longest bridge in Africa.

There you have it: the six most beautiful campuses in West Africa. It was a hard list to trim down, but these campuses deserve the recognition. What other universities would you have put on this list?

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