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Traditional Ethiopian delicacies that can boost your immune system

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Many people get devastated anytime they hear of coronavirus in the news, but one thing doctors recommend is fortifying the immune system to combat the virus. Ethiopian traditional cuisines quickly come to mind in this regard.

The cuisines play a big part of their identity as food is ingrained in the country’s ancient culture. These delicacies are made with the necessary ingredients needed to boost the body’s immune system and are also very tasty and full of flavour.

They contain grains and fiber, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds and colorful vegetables which people need to boost their immune system to defend the body against infective organisms such as viruses and bacteria. A good immune system also identifies and clears away malfunctioning or mutated cells that could possibly lead to inflammation and sometimes tumors.

Dr Rupy Aujla rightly puts it, “our vast, interconnected immune system is too sophisticated to simply respond to one element such as Echinacea or zinc. Instead, we need to examine a number of different ways in which food and lifestyle choices can ensure our immune systems function in peak condition — and keep us in good health.”

Aside from the nutrients derived from these Ethiopian delicacies, the preparation of the food is always hands-on and the whole preparation to dinnertime carries a strong sense of communal bond that is like non-other in the world.

Here are a few tasty Ethiopian delicacies you must try.

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