Here are trendy protective styles that can bring the heat to your hair this winter

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There are so many protective styles for natural hair out there, but don’t get worked up over it, because you are spoilt for choice. There is a style that can cater to your unique sense of style which still protects your tresses in winter.

One might ask: ‘Why protect your hair in the first place?’ Well, the cold weather tends to be harsh on the hair and it tends to make them dry and brittle. However, you can use these protective styles to pamper those dry, split ends.

Remember to keep the hair moisturized even when in protective styling. That is a sure way to maintain healthy ends, avoiding breakage, and maintaining length, which is every natural hair goal.

I will let you in on some eye pleasing protective styles but remember you are at liberty to infuse your personal sense of style into them and rock it the best way for you.

There are loads of YouTube tutorials that can help you achieve any of these looks, or just walk into any Afrocentric salon to get hooked.

Box braids

Box braids are every black girl’s holy grail when it comes to protective styles. It is timeless and looks good whether it is worn in a bob or long.

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Senegalese twists

Next to Box braids are the Senegalese twists that are a winter favorite. Some prefer medium or tiny twists and others would go for the jumbo-sized braids. Whichever way you wear them, it’s a win-win with Senegalese twists.

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For those who just can’t sit long hours for braids, Crotchet is the best option for you. There are various variations to the crotchet that can cater to your style anytime. There curly, straight and already braided crotchet styles.

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Every girl needs a wig, at least that is what I believe. It is cost-effective after the initial lump sum used for the purchase. When good care is given to the wig, it can be reused for years.

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Fulani braids

Fulani braids are in vogue and all your favorite celebrities like Beyoncé have rocked it. They look funkier when accessorized with beads.

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Faux locs

Some people want to have locs but do not want the long-time commitment that comes with it. What better way to have the look without the permanent commitment? These can be worn in a bob as well.

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Bantu knots

This is an indigenous African style that can be created with your natural hair or braids. It can be infused with the Fulani side braids and accessories as well.

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Faux hawk

For the sisters who like to have a bit of fun with their hair, faux hawk is for you. You can add extensions to give this look a fuller feel, or a little blow out to your own can give it the volume you need to wear a faux hawk.

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Ghana braids

You can have these braids with a wide array of cornrow designs. You can leave them in a ponytail or add some box braids or even Senegalese twists to the back to suit your desired style.

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Goddess braids

These two braids are quick and easy to recreate. They don’t take much time to fix and they protect your hair like all the other styles. For a bit of fun you can add beads to the ends or intertwine them with copper wire.

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