GAG Records To Host First African Christian Talent Hunt

Meghan Reid May 15, 2014

(Voice of Africa)
The First Ever African Christian Talent Hunt
National Music Discovery

Voice Afrik” is a talent hunt for up and coming African vocalists who wish to make it in Gospel Music. Individuals in the African community from any state and any ethnicity will have a fair chance to partake in the hunt. Throughout the process, events will be organized to seek outstanding artistes who possess strong vocals, good presentation and are purpose-driven. “Voice Afrik” is Gospel-centered. Although registration is welcomed from any individual, this program is intended to develop artistes in the Christian/Gospel Genre. Nevertheless, religious background will not affect the selection process. Winners from annual events will be given the necessary support to take their music to any international level.


To Raise, Develop and Brand impactful and gifted vocalists within the African Community.


To build a solid and concrete support network by which to launch budding talented vocalists onto the international stage. “Voice Afrik” identifies, selects, supports and promotes unique and outstanding talents in music.


“Voice Afrik” has four (4) main goals:

1.     Build a talent hunt/competition within the Tri-state area (expandable to other states in the near future) in search of gifted vocalists. The grand prize for the hunt is:

2.     Establish consortium of businesses, community groups, non-profit organizations, etc. to support “Voice Afrik” winner financially.

3.     Establish a support structure of musicians, entrepreneurs, life coaches, religious leaders, community organizations, etc. to guide budding musicians and “Voice Afrik” contestants onto world stage.

4.     Provide  Mentorship and Management to non-winning contestants of “Voice Afrik.”



Registration opening and deadline dates will be made available to the public. In whatever medium we publicize these dates, links to the website will be provided for registration. Submission of video (live recorded singing) may be required by participants. There will be a registration fee of $30.


There will be auditions after registration. If we receive a considerably high number of registrants from States other than the Tri-State area, auditions will be decentralized. Auditions will look out for vocal abilities rather than presentation, appearance (dressing) and stage conduct.


There will be two trials for the first project. This will be a live broadcast and will thus require a live performance and have a live audience. Vocal Strength, Presentation, and Stage Conduct are key at the trials. Contestants will have to prove themselves to the judges and public in these areas.

Final Event

Finalists from the trial sessions will move to the final event. The final event will have a larger audience and will be hosted at a state of the art auditorium. The winner will be announced at the end of the program.


The public will be given the chance to vote during the trial sessions and also during the final event. The total public vote will be scaled to equal the total vote by the judges, thus giving each equal weight. There will be one (1) voting right per head.


Audition and trials will have some of the team members of GAG and other technical personnel and musicians as the judges. The final event is expected to have renowned musicians in the African Community as judges. Judges will be pulled with a view of vocal talent, technicalities, presentability and marketability. Music Producers, Songwriters, Vocal Musicians will be considered aside other factors. Suggested Names as guest judges for the first show are Sonnie Badu (Ghanaian UK Based), Uche Agu (South African American Based), Micah Stampley (African American Gospel Icon) and Kenneth Appiah (Ghanaian American Based). Judges will have 50% voting right as to the public.


Winners from events will have a record deal. Package includes a full album recording (8-10 songs), one song video production, launching of album, promotion and other support to get him/her internationally. Promotional packages include USA Tour, Africa Tour and Europe Tour. Artiste will have a 18year contract with GAG Records. The First Runner Up will have a similar package with exception of video production.


Venues for auditioning will be at a simple but nice, beautiful and classy environment with a touch of décor. Final event will be held at a stage of the art auditorium, with a touch of decoration. Auditorium for final event is expected to have around two (2) thousand seating. We hope not to have less than thousand audience.


Personality, articulation, and having the vibes for the job are important here. Ideally, we would want to have two (2) hosts.


There will be  ticketing for the final event. The tickets will be sold at $10. Proceeds will be used towards expected expenses to be incurred and future projects.


Registration               May 1st, 2014 to July 12th, 2014

Audition (NY)            August 9th, 2014

Location: Bible Believers Tabernacle 1877 Bathgate Ave, Bronx, NY 10457

Trial 1                         August 30, 2014

Trial 2                         September 13, 2014

Location: Bible Believers Tabernacle 1877 Bathgate Ave, Bronx, NY 10457

Final                            November 1, 2014

Eligibility Requirements

The Show (Name): Voice Afrik


-Genre: Gospel

-Participants: Vocalists/Artistes

-Age Limit: 30yrs

-Event Occurrence: Annually



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