BY Dollita Okine, 3:01pm February 26, 2024, to graduate from Harvard Business School in his first-ever graduation ceremony

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Rapper William James Adams Jr., better known by his stage name, has announced that he will graduate from Harvard Business School later this year.

During an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the 48-year-old artist said, “One year I woke up, and I’m like, ‘I wanna go to Harvard.’ I’m doing all of this business stuff, and I wanna make sure that I’m not just taking advantage of success and not disciplining myself to have further success,” per AfroTech.

He shared that this is a full-circle moment for him because he didn’t get the experience in high school as he had already signed a record deal at the time. told the host, Jennifer Hudson, “This will be my first time walking the stage,” adding that he’s been getting the full school experience living in a “regular” dorm.

The musician additionally discussed his brand-new AI program, “ Presents the FYI Show,” which explores AI innovation at the nexus of pop culture, music, entertainment, technology, and international news. The program is supported by the artist’s AI messaging app, FYI.

He shared in a press statement that, “The FYI Show is a celebration of creators, innovators, and their dreams. Episodes delve into AI-powered projects, exploring the What and the How, while also understanding the passion behind them. At FYI, we provide the right tools, infusing AI to help materialize dreams. An amazing journey awaits us!”

Earlier this year, the “Let’s Go” singer launched SoundDrive, a startup that aims to give listeners control over live music, at the global tech expo CES 2024.

According to TechCrunch, SoundDrive creates and remixes tracks that are “conducted by the road” by reacting to the driver’s speed and tempo and providing music to match it.

The new company’s technology will be available in Mercedes-Benz’s electric EQ models starting in the summer of 2024.

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