Wrap your mind around this: Ankara for nails is the new trend!

Alice Otchere Johnson August 02, 2018
Photo via @allthingsankara on Instagram

Summer is just the right season for the bright prints of Ankara fabric. With so many trends to choose from, the options are endless as to how this colourful fabric can be styled. The latest on the list of options is nail art.

Photo via @allthingsankara on Instagram


Photo via @allthingsankara on Instagram

One would wonder what fabric and nails have in common, but some creative Ankara fabric enthusiasts have found a way of making the merge. Before these innovations, nail artists used to carefully draw Ankara print designs on nails to give the Ankara look. New innovations have seen DIY enthusiasts try something with the actual fabric. They do this by glueing on pieces of Ankara fabric unto fake nails and sticking them on. Just watch below how this Youtube user shows how it’s done:

If you do not have the knack for DIY projects and find the above video too difficult to handle, why not try the new Ankara nail wraps readily made and very convenient. Take a look:



Have fun trying this trend!


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