Rahima Gambo


Rahima Gambo (b. 1986) is Nigerian visual Journalist and documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria. She has a masters in Journalism from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism (2014) Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics (2008) and a BA in Development Studies from the University of Manchester (2007). In 2008, Rahima relocated to Nigeria where she found that lives are much more than what GDP and research papers can encapsulate, and that powerful images and words woven into compelling narrative are the only way to sensitise people to the critical issues of our time. Rahima recently completed a 2014 Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Fellowship and her images can be seen in the New York Times Lens Blog, Time Lightbox Photojournalism Daily, New York Times Sunday paper, Leadership Newspaper (Nigeria), the Nation Newspaper (Nigeria), Open Society Foundation, City Limits and Quartz Africa. In June 2015, Rahima was awarded a grant by the International Women Journalist Foundation (Howard G. Buffet Fund) to pursue a longterm multimedia web project titled "Education is Forbidden" about students in Northeastern Nigeria, who have been impacted by the Boko Haram insurgency. She completed a Hostile Environments & Emergency First-Aid Training (HEFAT) in June 2015.

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