10-year-old arrested for urinating in public placed on probation and asked to write about Kobe Bryant

Stephen Nartey December 15, 2023
10-year-old boy from Mississippi arrested for public urination. Photo: Latonya Eason/Facebook

A 10-year-old black boy from Mississippi, Quantavious Eason, has been placed on probation and instructed to write a two-page book report on late NBA legend Kobe Bryant after being arrested for urinating in public.

Eason is required to check in with a probation officer monthly for three months. But the third-grader’s attorney Carlos Moore, who was shocked that prosecutors gave priority to the case, said that the child’s race may have influenced the judge’s ruling.

“He would not have been arrested, prosecuted or sentenced if he was any other color, race, besides Black,” he argued.

Despite dissatisfaction with the judge’s decision, the family of Eason has chosen not to appeal, according to the Daily Mail.

“He will not have a criminal record, this is probation. And he is a fan of Kobe Bryant, so he doesn’t mind writing the two-page report,” Moore added. “But, still, the principle of it – he should not have to do anything. He should be enjoying his Christmas holiday like the other kids.”

Eason was arrested in August by the Senatobia Police Department for urinating in public while waiting for his mom in a lawyer’s office parking lot. Initially, the officer who spotted him passed off with a warning, but a change of heart occurred when additional police arrived. The situation led to a furious lieutenant demanding the boy be taken to the station and charged with being left unattended.

Following public outrage, a Senatobia police officer was fired, and others faced disciplinary actions in response to the incident. Moore argued that the 10-year-old acted reasonably when he urinated in public, given the absence of available restrooms indicated by signs.

Despite uncertainty about racial bias, Eason’s mother, LaTonya, criticized the judge’s decision as unfair, expressing that her son is now afraid of the police. She said the family plans to file a lawsuit against the city of Senatobia and the arresting officer, alleging a violation of the boy’s civil rights in connection with his arrest.

Senatobia Police Chief Richard Chandler conceded to an “error in judgment” for detaining Eason. Chandler clarified that the child wasn’t handcuffed, citing the Youth Court Act, which allows for referrals against a 10-year-old if their actions mirror those considered illegal for an adult.

The admission follows criticism of the arrest, with implications that the situation involving Eason may not have warranted such drastic measures.

“The officer did not observe a parent on the scene during the initial contact,” he added.

“The mother was located at a nearby business shortly thereafter and she was advised that her child was going to receive a Youth Court Referral for this matter.

“The officers then transported the 10-year-old to the police station to complete the paperwork where the child was released to the mother.”

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