BY Farida Dawkins, 6:00pm October 08, 2018,

5 African women who deserve global celebration for fighting oppression way before the 1900s

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We often celebrate high-profile figures such as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Kamala Harris and Angela Rye and that is all good and well. Nevertheless, we sometimes forget how the strong and seemingly fearless women in the olden times paved the way for the aforementioned to shine.

The women mentioned above deserve all of the accolades that they receive because of the hard work they’ve accomplished to get to where they are now.

Let us also take the time to celebrate the unsung heroes who fought tirelessly and in some cases, lost their lives to effect equality and strive towards ending slavery, segregation, racism and quelling the additional effects of enslavement.

Scroll through to learn about 5 enslaved women who could’ve become trailblazers:

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