5 British royal visits that attempted to pacify Africa after years of colonization

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson Nov 5, 2018 at 04:11pm

November 05, 2018 at 04:11 pm | History

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson | Staff Writer

November 05, 2018 at 04:11 pm | History

President Ismail al-Azhari and Queen Elizabeth

Sudan – 1965

The Queen of England made her first visit to Sudan, formally Anglo – Egypt Sudan on February 8, 1965, 9 years after the nation gained its independence in 1956. The visit was at a time when the nation was rocked with great political tension and the Queen was advised to postpone the visit until the country was more stable. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth made it to Sudan and was warmly welcomed. During her visit, the Queen gave a speech that reminded the world of the friendship between Sudan and England in war and in peace.

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