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6 black civil rights figures whose murders remain unpunished

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Walter Anthony Rodney…How Africa

Walter Anthony Rodney

Walter Anthony Rodney was a Guyanese academic, historian, professor and political activist.

Earning a PhD at the age of 24, Rodney was an exceptional student, orator and successful athlete.

Rodney was highly vocal about his criticism of capitalism and indicated the middle class for its role in the state of the post-colonial Caribbean.  For this, he was classified as a persona non grata by then Jamaican Prime Minister Hugh Shearer.

On June 13, 1980, Rodney died from an explosion, caused by a bomb placed in his vehicle.

Rodney’s brother Donald Rodney testified that Sergeant Gregory Smith of the Guyana Defence Force had the bomb in his possession. Smith escaped to French Guiana, where he died in 2002.


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