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9 ways to motivate yourself when you feel unworthy

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Unworthy may not be the word one would readily use to describe themselves, nonetheless, we may exhibit behaviours that show we don’t value ourselves. Some of these actions may include choosing partners that are not committed to the relationship you both share, allowing challenging thoughts to overcome us, not taking care of our body, mind, and spirit, not believing in our abilities, and not going after our dreams.  When we don’t do what’s best for us, we end up losing. You can’t pour from an empty vessel. Below are some quick and sensible techniques to use when you need a spiritual pick-me-up.

Remove yourself from toxic atmospheres.  Your vibe attracts your tribe and if you’re spending time with those who aren’t focused on their dreams, how do you expect to be focused on your own? It’s best to surround ourselves with individuals who will challenge us to be the best version of ourselves. Spend time with those whose good habits will rub off on you.

Stop telling everyone, everything. Sometimes we get so excited about our future plans that we feel the need to speak about every detail of what we want to do. While it’s great to share for the sake of motivating others, be careful of what and whom you share your ideas with.  Some people love to hear your ideas so they can shoot it down because they don’t believe in themselves or for the reason that they don’t want you to progress before they do.

Take a trip. Traveling does wonders in elevating moods.  Going to a new place, eating unique foods, experiencing a fascinating culture, breathing in new air, and being at peace can only help you to think clearly and ponder innovative ways to better yourself. Even if you can’t plan an elaborate getaway, go wherever fits your schedule and budget.

Love yourself. I mean really. We hear this mantra all the time, but many times we don’t follow it.  Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t have desires or goals that lead to progression. It means that you realize you’re a work in progress moreover you’re striving for better.

Invest in bettering yourself. This could mean journaling, getting a therapist to assist you in solving prolonged issues, buying and utilizing self-help workbooks, or reading about subjects that aid in self-improvement. Just taking commitment a step further in self-realization is a necessary and fruitful step.

Call on your higher power. Whatever your faith is, some of the basic tenets of religion encourage talking to and asking your creator for the things you need and want. It doesn’t have to be a formal step such as being a staunch church-goer, nevertheless, establishing a strong connection is beneficial.

Develop a warrior mentality. I know some individuals who have had the most unfortunate upbringing, yet they have a can-do attitude and pleasant disposition. They attack every challenge presented in their life with style and grace. They don’t let anyone see them sweat.  No matter the problem, continue to show up and keep being persistent in the pursuit of what your heart desires.

Tell me something good. Send positive messages to yourself and you’ll begin to feel better in time.  You’re beautiful and so worth it.

Help others. Aiding others in their time of need literally warms the heart.  Just make sure you are truly passionate about doing so to avoid feeling bitter.

Life is a series of ebb and flows. We grow when we’re challenged. The task at hand is to keep moving forward little by little. You can and will.

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