No strings attached love affair: A trend or taboo in Africa?

Farida Dawkins December 29, 2017
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Casual sex is a concept that may not elicit a response from many.  To others, intimacy should be shared between two willing and committed individuals.  Whatever your take on the issue, romance and sex are topics that affect all of us as we are bound to experience it at some point in time.

As I’m riding around Ghana these days, I’m seeing couples hold hands. I’m a bit taken aback to be honest because as far as I’m aware Ghanaians don’t show love in public.  Not even in the confines of their homes. I don’t recall my parents being affectionate in front of my siblings and I.  I would wonder why, especially since on TV I would see fictionally married couples embrace, this is what permeated American media; in this day the sex factor has been turned up more than a few notches.

As I peruse social media and watch shows such as An African City which is quite reminiscent of Sex and The City except with a Ghanaian twist, I began pondering, is sex with a partner without strings attached becoming a trend? Is it allowing African women to become more expressive with their sexual needs since we’ve often been encouraged to be meek? Or are we running the risk of losing our culture by abandoning the morals that have been instilled in us?

I don’t think one should engage in a sexual relationship with every interested applicant, however, I do believe that an individual has the right to discern this for themselves.  I’m not a Quran thumper and I’ll be the last person to preach to someone else about how they should live their life. Nonetheless, I do agree that women in African societies are often silenced and patriarchal roles, societal expectations, and religion are often used as ways to manipulate women and slowly strip away their rights.

I believe a woman should have the right to enjoy sex and vocalize what she likes and what she is willing to condone, it just has to be done in a way that doesn’t dehumanize her in the process.  Plainly speaking, if a woman chooses to sleep with a man, do it in a safe manner with a person who respects your wishes. I enjoy the fact that African celebrities such as Tiwa Savage, Bonang Matheba, and Ebony aren’t afraid to appear sensual on screen.  Women’s empowerment can take many forms and I’m here for it.

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