BY Christian Djimra Koumtog, 1:28pm October 23, 2015,

Poem: As Above, So Below

Those people who blindly ignored your prophetic side will glorify the Heavens, o beloved Africa and Africans.

This is similar to the perfect song or movie, one that touches souls and spirits and that transpires hence (…)

It is one that comes from the everlasting well of inspirations, they are reasonable, not aloof, and intense.

Where do you fit within these frames of high and low moments? Since Destiny does not have any chance,

Our children will be born into love but in a world that has been tainted with “self” and by melancholic sins.

[You are confounded] by exoteric verses of deceptions – take a look at this stanza of atrocious crime scenes,

Your daughters and moons will be the [epi]center of conflicts since the races that once were full of young senses

Can no longer hear nor feel. You are {truly} a monster and the author of disaster- you have a sentence!

Judged but not condemned, shot-terms were transformed. They were similar to broad ways and burnt pants.

Their grand-sons and others have lost any trust in each other, witnesses of the lives of their own senescence.

We live and we die, sons or suns, as we stray from these pillars of evil, in the hope of living without any pretense

And as we shall dwell with Angels into the galaxies […] For in due time, your esoteric power will ignite their presence.

Those people who intentionally ignored the poetic side of you will glorify you; it is the salvation of those in absence!

But you are loved by one and through many — for those of us who still believe will live, our eternity is forever immense.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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