5 Beauty Don’ts During Rush Hour

Renarda Joy October 21, 2015

Black girl applying makeup on subway
Hi, Beauties! I get that the morning struggle is real — trust me I know! But pulling out a full make-up kit with an eyelash curler, pencil sharpener, and mascara on a train during rush hour is not only distracting but also unsanitary and dangerous. A New York subway during rush hour is typically packed like sardines and the stops can be abrupt!  Don’t be that person. Below is a list of commuting, rush hour beauty don’ts to keep you from being an unsuspecting offender.

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rj0In case you’re the type that has hit the snooze button several times on your alarm and has no time to groom, today I want to go over some common sense don’ts for your morning commute makeover challenge.

First, the moment you leave your home your hands are contaminated with the outside elements, from air pollution, dirty door knobs, the money you grabbed to pay for your cup of joe, or the handrails on the train.

It’s vital that you have hand sanitizer to help reduce germs.  The correct way to apply the sanitizer is to squirt a palm-full of the product in to your hand and rub vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds, making sure to distribute the liquid between your fingers and under your nails and jewelry. Now, let us begin.

1. Don’t Apply Sharp Point Eyeliner

Have you ever had a panic attack when you see someone on the train applying eyeliner?  I can only imagine the eye injury from a certain jerk…ouch!  Next time, try traveling with a soft, rounded cream shadow stick that’s easy to apply and that doesn’t require a sharp point.  Make those morning commute makeovers a smudgy day.

To smudge is to glide your color of choice along your lash line or underneath your lower lashes and use your fingers or a smudge brush to lightly blend and reduce harsh lines.

My favorite go-to Cream Shadow Stick is by Bobbi Brown. This line offers a variety of shades and glides on easy and lasts as long as I keep it on; I’ve noticed as the day goes on, I have zero creasing, flaking, or fading.

Bobbi Brown

2. Don’t Apply Lipstick

It’s also not a good look to apply lips on the train and then take the chance of the train jerking or a passenger bumping in to you and giving you a new lip line.

While we are on the topic, a lip balm I’m loving is Fresh Sugar lip treatment.Lip Balm

For the fall, I’ve been using the color Plum (pictured).

If I was ranking the next action on my don’t list, can you guess it what it would be?

3. Don’t Spray Your Favorite Perfume On

Just because you like spritzing your favorite fruity Bath & Body Works scent or your Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue doesn’t mean everyone else likes it.

Some commuters will have allergies or your scents may clash with their fragrance. A way to take others into consideration would be to bring a travel-size rollerball or a solid compact of your favorite scent and apply it to your pulse points (discreetly).

The “pulse points” are places on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin: neck nape, armpits, mid-back, belly, ankles, behind the knees, elbow crook (my boyfriend’s favorite spot, he’s weird but I love him), between breasts, and behind the ears.

4. Don’t Glam Up Your Nails

Nail glam doesn’t exist on a train ride.

The smell of a nail salon makes me want to find my face mask; the stench is that strong. Worse yet, imagine the train jerking and then the polish spills on someone on the train – not a good look!

How many of you remember Lee Press On Nails?  I probably just gave an indicator of my age, but I’m super thankful those nails have been laid to rest. Today, the press-on era has evolved from colors to designs.

My favorite nail obsession for moments on the go is Sally Hansen’s Salon Effect Nail Strips.

Nail polish


5. Don’t Clip Your Nails in Public…Period

If you are caught doing it, the punishment warrants a ticket or maybe being banned from the train. Don’t do it!



I feel better now that I’ve finally gotten this off of my chest.

If any of you have a specific beauty question or have a product for me to review, please send an e-mail to rj@renardajoynyc.com or follow my beauty journey on Instagram!

lipsUntil next time, stay beautiful!

Xoxo  ~RJ


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