by Mark Babatunde, at 01:56 pm, August 10, 2017, Money Moves

Africa’s 5 Largest Open-Air Markets

3. Kejetia Market (Accra, Ghana)

Kejetia Market (Accra, Ghana)

Photo credit: Flying Fourchette

With an estimated 45,000 stores and stalls, the Kejetia open-air market in Kumasi, the heart of the ancient Ashanti kingdom is the single biggest market in Ghana. The market covers such a vast area that it is not uncommon for shoppers to repeatedly lose their way.

There are shops selling foodstuffs, second-hand shoes and clothes, electronics, agricultural hardware, traditional kente strips, batik, bracelets, household goods, and more.

Kejetia market is managed by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and representatives of the Ashanti monarchy.

Unfortunately, the Kejetia market has been engulfed by fire outbreaks periodically that resulted in the near total destruction of the market and huge losses for the traders.

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