by Farida Dawkins, at 07:05 am, March 02, 2018, Culture

Black people who need to have their ‘Wakanda’ card revoked

Ben Carson: Famous People

Ben Carson

Albeit, he’s blessed with intellect and the ability to perform complex surgeries, yet Ben Carson is still severely misinformed when it comes to human relations.  The Neurosurgeon and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Trump administration has spoken words like: “I’m not sure I agree that there isn’t a fair amount of racism here,” “There is, but it’s not where you would expect it to be,” Carson continued, “it is mostly with the progressive movement who will look at someone like me, and because of the color of my pigment, they decide that there’s a certain way that I’m supposed to think. And if I don’t think that way, I’m an Uncle Tom and they heap all kinds of hatred on you. That, to me, is racism.” Or “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” Then went on to say that even though there are Muslims in other branches of American politics “that Muslim members of Congress are a different situation, but that it depends who that person is and what their policies are, just as it depends on what anybody else says, you know.” He then made headlines again when he resolved to cut the HUD budget at the rate of $6.8 billion dollars yet spent $31,000 dollars on a dining set. For his office. Seriously dude? Hand over your card.

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