Celebrating a New Year, New Positions and New Roles for the Miss Ghana USA Organization

Sandra Appiah January 03, 2014

Celebrating a New Year, New Positions and New Roles for the Miss Ghana USA Organization

Miss Ghana USA 1st Runner-Up Lisa Aidoo

It was a bittersweet moment for the Miss Ghana USA organization when they discovered that their original 2013 queen, Afua Osei, had landed a promising job in her field that would require immediate relocation to Africa. With education being one of the main principles that the Miss Ghana USA takes pride in promoting amongst contestants, the organization decided that it was best to support Miss Osei in pursuing her career that she has spent the last 4 years of her life preparing for at the MBA program of University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

To be eligible to serve as queen of Miss Ghana USA, you must be resident in the United States of America, and remain so for the duration of your term. In an effort to honor the contract signed by all the contestants prior to the competition, it was decided that it would be best to release Miss Osei of her duties as Miss Ghana USA. This was not an easy decision for the organization as Miss Osei has shown a great amount of passion, potential and admirable zeal with the work she was able to and had planned to do in Ghana within her short-lived reign. However due to her immediate unexpected relocation, Miss Osei has not been available to fulfill any of her duties in the United States since her crowning in June 2013.

The Miss Ghana USA organization has never been faced with dethronement of a queen, and the unique circumstance of queen Afua has called on the need for a new role within the organization. Effective at the top of the New Year, will be the opening of a new position of “Miss Ghana USA Global Ambassador”. This role will serve the purpose of making a larger international impact in Ghana by focusing solely on pursuing a platform that will strengthen the relationship between Ghanaian organizations with US ties throughout the term. Miss Afua Osei has accepted this position and will be the organization’s first inductee.

“We found the creation of this role necessary as the level of interest in the MGUSA pageant has peaked within the past few years, however we have not been able to open up this role to many women due to their inability to relocate to the USA to serve under the title of Queen.” Stated Gloria Opare, President of the Miss Ghana USA pageant.

Ellen Osei, Vice President & Director, and Kwesi Nkrumah Tenkorang, the organization’s Ghana director added: “Like Afua, we have recognized that these women posess great talent and drive that would be a great asset to the MGUSA brand and deserve an alternative high-exposure platform that would allow them to represent Ghana regardless of their continental residence.”

Effective January 1st, 2014, 1st Runner Up of Miss Ghana USA Lisa Aidoo will resume all responsibilities and roles of Miss Ghana USA, beginning with the 2014 Miss Ghana USA outreach trip to Ghana. “I am honored to follow in Afua’s footsteps and resume the current duties of this position…I’m happy that she is still a part of this team and that we will still be able to work alongside each other in a positive and productive environment.” The first of Miss Aidoo’s projects will include a Holiday Children’s Empowerment Program and Celebration for the children experiencing complex spinal cord and orthopedic injuries at the FOCOS Hospital in Accra on January 9, 2014.

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