Chicken stock for bubble butts, this is the dangerous road plied by Congolese women [Video]

Women all over the world submit to dangerous means to make themselves look better. While many refuse to admit it, the use of these extreme methods is all a way to attract the opposite sex and look better than the other woman in the room.

Many stories have been written on extreme methods used to enhance the female body. But lately, women are not the only ones falling into the pressures of society to look a certain way. Men have fallen victim to this global problem and now use various means to enhance their looks a typical example being fake beards.

One might assume that African women do not feel the pressure of looking a certain way as they are naturally blessed with the enviable curves that women all over the world go under the knife to achieve. But that is a totally wrong assumption as new findings expose the dangerous methods used by women in Congo to achieve thicker butts using chicken stock. The practice is not only dangerous due to the substance used but is equally as dangerous because it is done by the women in the comfort of their homes ever so casually.

Call it a DIY fashion trend, Chicken stock seasoning that is used to make food taste better is alternatively used as butt fillers or enhancers for many women in Congo through anal injestion.

For Congolese women, having a thicker backside is the ideal physical appearance to ensure that one attracts a good man and attains respect in society. While many women are blessed with such, a small percentage of women who are born slender are pressured to attain thicker thighs and buttocks to be more accepted in society. Plastic surgery is an expensive alternative that could take a lifetime to save for and determined women have discovered the secret of chicken stock as a substitute to achieve the look.

The process is very simple. The chicken stock is crushed and liquefied into a thick paste which is then poured into a syringe. The women successfully get the mixture into their body by anal injestion. It is believed that the stock causes the tissues in the lower body to swell up and provide a thick bubble to look better.

While doctors have adviced many women to desist from the act in order to prevent serious rectal diseases, many women have not heeded to the advice and continue to indulge in the act.

The story was fully covered earlier this year by vice which was followed by a twitter video that sparked a conversation around the extreme body enhancement techniques in Congo and other parts of Africa.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 23, 2018


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