Ebola Patient Videotaped Escaping in to Crowded Marketplace

F2FA September 03, 2014

ebola patient escapes

An escaped Ebola patient recently caused a major scare at a Monrovia market, causing the public to turn on its heels at the site of the man in red with a bracelet that clearly indicates he has the deadly disease.

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The man reportedly decided to come out of quarantine because he was looking for food. In the video, one sees wary market-goers standing back in fear as the man walks through the outdoor market.

At one point, medical staff arrive, attempting to coax the increasingly agitated man in to an ambulance; however, when that doesn’t work, they forcibly remove him from the crowded area.

Those witnessing the man’s removal spoke with the press afterward, saying that the reason the patients are coming out in the public is because there is not enough food at the facilities so they are hungry.

Clearly struggling to contain the virus, Liberia has had the most Ebola infections in the region, since it began spreading in February.

In addition, just about two weeks ago, the beleaguered nation made international headlines when 17 Ebola patients went missing, after looters stormed the facility.

And while the missing were eventually found days later, the threat of wider infection seems to be ever-present.

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Another witness to the Ebola escapee told the press, “We told the government from the beginning that we did not want an Ebola camp here. Today makes the fifth Ebola patient coming outside vomiting and going to the toilet.”

Watch the recapture of the Ebola patient here:

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