Face2face Africa Rising Champions- Recognizing the future of Africa today

Sandra Appiah April 12, 2011

 Face2face Africa Rising Champions- Recognizing the future of Africa todayIn Restoring Africa’s Image, Face2face Africa realizes the importance of exposing the youth of Africa today who represent the future of Africa that we all wish to see. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge, perhaps a form of encouragement, for someone to believe that they too can make a difference despite all odds. The Face2face Africa Rising Champion is designed to scout for outstanding young Africans who are doing exceptionally well in their fields and are on the track of making a difference in Africa. They are our scholars, our entertainers, our philanthropists, our leaders, our entrepreneurs, and more, who will stop at nothing to make Africa proud.

On The Rise: Michelle Esohe Emokpae

Michelle Esohe Emokpae, Miss Edo State NYC and Miss. Nigerian Independence Pageant 1st runner up.
Often it is perceived that to take on responsibilities and make a difference you have to be of a certain age. That is not the case for Michelle Esohe Emokpae. With a native name that means God’s Gift, that is truly what this remarkably talented young lady is, especially to the orphans of the Zuma Memorial Hospital and Orphanage in Nigeria.

At the age of 19, just barely turning old enough to vote, Michelle is the president of the United Nigerian Student Association at the City College of New York where she’s in her sophomore year studying Communications. The Miss Edo State NYC and Miss. Nigerian Independence Pageant 1st runner up recently hosted her own initiative to raise aid for an orphanage in Iruua, Edo State, Nigeria. She used what she knew would be an effective way to reach her peers and successfully hosted a Benefit Party with a Cause to raise funds for Zuma memorial Hospital and Orphanage. On January, 14th 2011, friends, family and a slew of other supporters joined her in celebration at the trendy Sapphire Lounge located in the Soho section of New York City. In her own words she states,

Face2face Africa Rising Champions- Recognizing the future of Africa today

“A lot of times orphans get overlooked as if they chose to live their lives without parents. Having a party for a great cause will alter the misconception that youths do not care about the less fortune.” She adds, “I will continue to push myself beyond my limits, to set an example for my young brother, for all people from humble beginnings; and as the oldest great-grandchild and grandchild on my mother’s side, for all of my younger cousins. I strongly believe that we are all blessed with gifts and talents to bless others, to keep them solely for ones self is selfish.”

The Nigerian born beauty plans on having a career in Dentistry while continuing to do humanitarian and philanthropic work on a larger scale. If Michelle Emokpae, a 19 year old can initiate a cause to make a difference in the world then what are you waiting for? Be inspired!!!

Michelle Emokpae is Face2face Africa’s Rising Champion of the month.

You could be next! If you think you deserve a spotligt as Face2face Africa’s Rising Champion, submit a short paragraph detailing your accomplishments to info@face2faceafrica.com. Nominate a friend by writing to us as well.
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