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Fashion Mist London 2011

By Mazuba Kapambwe

Fashion Mist London 2011A few years ago, if you were an African living in the Diaspora, African Fashion shows were virtually unheard of. Fast forward to 2011 and at least every month, we can be guaranteed of the presence of an African designer at global fashion events.

Fashion Mist London 2011 brilliantly enforced its mission of showcasing the work of African fashion designers. The event was a huge success with young and hip African trendsetters and designers in attendance.

Ghanaian Fashion designers, Aya Morrison, Diva Delicious, Mina Evans, Anita Quansah London, AyiKai Couture, and N’Kya Designs all contributed to the success of the event in the United Kingdom.

Although it was its inaugural year, Fashion Mist has taken African fashion to a whole new level through its virtual presentation of style. Designed to showcase ethnic garments, the African Fashion retail customer will soon make events like this a must attend and not a hobby. With its late March debut, Fashion Mist 2011 also took a proactive approach by donating a percentage of proceeds to Global Mamas, a Ghana-based organization that empowers women to be independent through arts and crafts.

Each designer participated in a unique runway show that showcased their handmade craftsmanship through their colorful, African-inspired collections. Aya Morrison, who was featured at the 2011 F.A.C.E. List Awards, flaunted her Ankara-heavy swimwear and handbag collection. Anita Quansah London displayed her chic statement neckpieces. N’Ya went for glamour via their funky dress collection. AyiKai Couture was all about broad shoulders, the poodle skirt, bold colors, and the peplum dress cut in different silhouettes and prints. Diva Delicious displayed their very handmade woven handbags with a splash of color.

Not only did the event showcase talented designers, it also raised social awareness on fashion philanthropy. Buzzed on many social platforms such as Twitter and its official blog, Fashion Mist managed to capture the eye-catching style loved by many African fashion lovers in one venue – the majestic Hotel Russell. Fashion Mist 2012 will arguably be bigger, better, and just as energetic as this year’s.

Fashion Mist London 2011

Anita Quansah

Fashion Mist London 2011

Aya Morrison

Fashion Mist London 2011


Fashion Mist London 2011

Ayikah Couture

Fashion Mist London 2011

Diva Delicious

Fashion Mist London 2011

Mina Evans

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