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Five interesting ways Africans cook and enjoy rice

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Rice is a staple in African homes and many families enjoy the dish in various ways. The continent is blessed with many spices and vegetables that are infused into rice dishes to make them tasty.

Some rice dishes are also paired with soups and stews and they can be enjoyed as a side dish or a main meal.

If you want to send your taste buds on a journey of discovery and are tired of the conventional rice cooking methods, try these rice recipes from the continent.

1. Nigerian Coconut rice

The rice is cooked with coconut milk and it is a big part of Nigerian cooking. Some infuse coconut chunks to add a little crispy element to the meal; others add smoked fish. Coconut flavored rice can be paired with curry and stir-fries or any protein or vegetables of your choice.


2. Kenyan/ Swahili Biryani

A staple in Kenya, Biryani mixes Kenyan and Asian flavors as the dish was brought into the country by Arab traders during the Indian Ocean trade. To get the most of this dish, use Basmati rice and other key ingredients like cinnamon, cardamoms, yoghurt and coriander. The two most popular versions of the dish are chicken and beef biryani.


3. Waakye

This is a classic Ghanaian rice dish made with black-eyed beans cooked in an infusion of sorghum leaves. The dish is usually decorated with gari (dried grated cassava), spaghetti, peppered sauce (shito), vegetables and any protein of your choice. Waakye can be eaten at any time of the day and sometimes sold in banana leaves which infuses its flavors in the food.


4. Mupunga Une Dovi

Dovi is peanut butter in Zimbabwe and this rice is made with peanut butter. Mupunga Une Dovi is best made with basmati rice and usually served with stews and sauces. Some have it as a stand-alone dish with any protein of their choice.


5. Jollof

Jollof is a West African favorite which is originally from the Wolof people of Senegal. Jollof has sparked a lot of debate among Nigerians and Ghanaians who both claim to cook the best jollof. This dish can be cooked plainly or infused with vegetables or any protein of your choice.

It can be oven baked or cooked on a hob. It’s usually eaten with coleslaw, grilled or fried chicken or any other protein you so desire. It’s a celebratory dish that makes an appearance at most parties, weddings or funerals.

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