by Nduta Waweru, at 01:00 pm, October 09, 2018, History

Five painful instances the CIA deprived Africa of its promising leaders

It is no secret that the West has had a hand in turmoils and conflicts in Africa.  From slavery to colonisation, these western countries have put African countries in dire straits in terms of economic, political, and social development.

These interference has also been seen as far back as the 1950s when most African countries were agitating for independence and later after they gained independence.

America’s Central Intelligence Agency  (CIA) has been documented to have interfered with Africa’s post-independence government formation and establishment, either by helping depose promising leaders or installing brutal dictators, or both.  In most cases, it was successful and in others, they were not.

Scroll through to read how CIA deprived Africa of its promising leaders.

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