Four key reasons why black celebrities must launch scholarships for black students

Nduta Waweru August 29, 2018

That there is a bias in how black children are treated in schools is not a secret.

Quite a number of reports indicate that black children are viewed as poorer performers as compared to their white counterparts. They are also seen as more hostile and thus receive more punishments. This background results in more suspensions and expulsions, which influence how African-Americans view education.

According to a different report, the higher levels of poverty in black communities also limit the access to education and other opportunities. In other reports, the low attendance of black students in schools is as a result of Eurocentric education and terrible attitudes by white teachers who end up reinforcing the stereotypes that black children are not only lazy but also bent on criminal activities.

Such negativity associated with the education system has forced many black parents and black educationists to look for alternative ways to inspire kids to get an education.

Many have looked to homeschooling as a way to protect their children from racism and stereotyping. Others have opted to create schools for black kids, like LeBron James and scholarships for black children like Black British artist, Stormzy.  Other black celebrities have channelled their money to scholarships on specific subjects and topics such as tech and some schools have even set up scholarships and grants to increase the diversity in their schools.

Over the years, the availability of such scholarships have increased the number of black students in school, but it is still not enough, that’s why more celebrities are focusing on education.

Here’s a list of reasons why celebrities are setting up scholarships for black children

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: September 15, 2018


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