Growing Concerns for Mandela’s Condition

Omoy Lungange June 27, 2013

Growing Concerns for Mandela's ConditionAs many remain anxious from the news that Nelson Mandela is on life support, CNN informs that officials are unable to comment or confirm reports that Mandela is on life support, citing doctor-patient confidentiality rules. Conversely, the government asserts Mandela's doctors "continue to do their best to ensure his recovery, well-being and comfort."

Although the ailing icon has faded from the spotlight, he remains extremely popular and is considered a hero of democracy worldwide.

In South Africa, on the street leading to the hospital's main entrance, well-wishers hung balloons, stuffed animals and messages of support along the wall, and crowds swarmed nearby singing "Where is Mandela?"

"We need you!" one sign read. "We love you Tata, get well soon!" said another, referring to Mandela by the Xhosa word for father. Someone else left a stone upon which was written, "Sending you light and love."

"He is our hero. He is my mentor, my father. He is everything to me," said Kuda Nyahumzvi, 36. "But when it is his time, we wish his soul could just rest. He spent so long in jail and struggling."

Hillary Clinton, U.S. politician and diplomat tweeted in a statement Wednesday. “Bill, Cheslea & I have sent our love and prayers to our great friend, Madiba, his family and his nation during this difficult time.

Mandela will turn 95 in July.

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