Happy Turkey Day!

Emmanuella Anyanwu November 25, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!Turkey Day, otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day, is a day anticipated by many people for various reasons. For some, it’s a time to spend with family, give thanks and enjoy delectable recipes. Others look forward to Thanksgiving Day because it is yet another day away from the office and time to catch up on unfinished domestic projects like renovating the kitchen, fixing a broken door or just sleeping.

In more recent times however, both shop-a-holics and non shop-a-holics have reason to look forward to “Turkey day”. With retailers offering very enticing discount offers and opening their doors even on Thanksgiving Day, the essence of Thanksgiving Day is becoming more and more oblivious.

Whether spending time with family, digging into the turkey, standing on a Black Friday line, it is important to be appreciative of what is already owned. As the saying goes, “I was sad that I didn’t have shoes until I saw a man without legs”. 

Quick Facts about Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday set aside for all people to give thanks. According to a New York Times article, Gov. Bradford instituted Thanksgiving Day, in 1961, as a day to “after a more special manner, rejoice together”. The 4 men he sent out fowling came back with a “generous supply of plump wild turkeys”; hence the inception of turkey as a symbolism of Thanksgiving Day.

A simple and old-fashioned Thanksgiving Day Menu would include:

Oyster Soup, Bread Sticks, Olives, Celery, Chicken pie, Creamed Macaroni with cheese, Roast turkey, Mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Lettuce salad, French dressing, Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Apples, Nuts, Raisins, Coffee, Cheese wafers, etc.

To all face2face Africa readers, fans and friends, have a very merry, jolly and happy day of thanksgiving!

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