How this Ghanaian watchmaker is redefining luxury watchmaking in Africa with Warrior King Watches 

Nathan Tollo November 17, 2023
Patrick Amofa is behind Warrior King (Photo: Supplied)

In the heart of Tema, Ghana, a young Patrick Amofa discovered a fascination that would shape his destiny – the artistry of timekeeping. Each Christmas, his mother, Adwoa Serwaa, would blend the usual gifts of shoes and clothes with a unique touch – a watch.

Warned as a “special gift” for Amofa, these timepieces sparked a lifelong love affair with horology. From a Casio F-91W with a mesmerizing green light to the tender sentiments of his mother’s tradition, Amofa’s childhood became the foundation of his horological passion. As an adult, he channels this love into his career, evident in his meticulous care for customers’ timepieces and the thoughtful designs of Warrior King.

The values instilled by his family played a pivotal role in Amofa’s journey. Raised in a Ghanaian home that championed hard work and resilience, he applied these principles not just to horology but also as an entrepreneur. The youngest in a family of four, Amofa learned early the importance of perseverance, a virtue that now defines his success in the horological realm.

Swedru Senior High School marked a turning point. Amofa’s love for art and creative expression found a new canvas – the intricate world of watches. Realizing each timepiece held a unique story, he fused his artistic inclination with horology, birthing a creative synergy that defines his work today.

How this Ghanaian watchmaker is redefining luxury watchmaking in Africa with Warrior King Watches 

His undergraduate studies in BBA Business Information Systems at Zenith University added a strategic layer to his creativity. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of business operations, technology utilization, and management, Amofa seamlessly leads HourHand Watch Co. and its subsidiary Warrior King Watches into the digital age.

Derived from the literal meaning of “Ghana,” which translates to “Warrior King,” these bespoke timepieces are not merely masterpieces of craftsmanship but also symbols of strength and legacy. The transformative event that propelled Amofa into horology came with profound loss – the passing of his father in 2017. His father’s love for watches, coupled with the challenge of finding skilled watchmakers in Ghana, led Amofa to embark on a mission. This journey birthed HourHand Watch Co., not just as a business but as a tribute to his parents’ legacy.

Restoring his father’s cherished watches became a labor of love, an emotional journey that connected him deeply with his roots. In those quiet moments of restoration, Amofa felt his father’s presence, turning each watch into a vessel of cherished memories. Reflecting on Ghanaian horology, Amofa draws inspiration from the durability, ingenuity, and elegance of ancestral artisans.

Warrior King Watches, one of his brands, reflects this cultural essence, weaving a unique narrative of Ghana’s rich history into each timepiece. Amofah, the founder and watchmaker, shares his vision: “We want to narrate the untold stories of Africa through our timepieces. We aim to convey our values and heritage through our watches.”

“Our timepieces blend style, uncompromised robustness, and a quintessential touch of our primordial roots, merging the durability, ingenuity, and elegance of our ancestral artisans with contemporary design to create something truly unique,” he said.

Continuing to honor his father’s memory and passion for watches, Amofa remains dedicated to providing not just timepieces but sentimental treasures. His commitment to warmth and satisfaction in his services embodies the legacy of his parents and the traditions of his childhood.

This remarkable watch brand received its first endorsement from the Asantehene, who was honored with a custom-made 18-karat gold Warrior King Timepiece during the Awukudae festival. This bespoke watch holds immense historical and cultural significance, with an appraised value of GHS 100,000.00 ($8,000). In the rhythm of ticking seconds, Amofa’s horological journey continues to showcase the power of time, love, and craftsmanship.

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