How Tiffany Dean built a $45M brand without a bank loan: ‘That is not heard of as a Black woman’

Abu Mubarik May 16, 2024
Photo: Tiffany Dean/Facebook

Meet Tiffany Rose Dean; she is the founder of Hollywood Hair Bar, a $45 million beauty brand. She created her haircare company to help people grow their hair with products made from natural ingredients.

To start Hollywood Hair Bar, Dean bootstrapped herself with $500, according to V Magazine. Prior to launching her hair brand, Dean studied online marketing and today, she has sold her products across multiple platforms and garnered a considerable following due to her brand’s authentic and magnetic approach, V Magazine reported.

“Our brand is 100% organic and has shown to deliver proven results in as little as 1-2 weeks,” Dean told V Magazine. “Black women have been underserved in the beauty industry for far too long, particularly when it comes to hair, and I jumped on the need to supply natural products that work to women worldwide looking for a solution.”

She also collaborated with a marketing agency, resulting in extra revenue. She revealed this information during her appearance on Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings’ “Earn Your Leisure” podcast.

She noted on the podcast that her company went from making $50,000 a month to making $1 million in its first month working with the agency. Also, she indicated that the hair company made about $2 million every month for two years. Hollywood Hair Bar has made over $45 million in revenue to date, she said.

“To be able to do something like that with no bank loan — I did most of it without even a credit card…That is not heard of as a Black woman,” said Dean on the podcast, according to Afrotech.

“And everyone said, ‘Why didn’t you take money? You’re supposed to use other people’s money to make money.’ And I’m like, you know why? Because I wanted to show the next little black girl that she could do it with nobody’s money. That’s why.”

She continued, “I really wanted to have that story where the next young black entrepreneur — girl, woman, boy, whatever — could say, ‘Wow, she made $45 million without taking a dime from anybody else.’ I don’t have to have perfect credit. I don’t have to go and beg somebody for help. I can just lace my bootstraps up, and I can go out there, and I can go get it, too.”

Dean’s current brand targets women; in this regard, she wants to expand her Hollywood Hair Bar and work on a men’s haircare line.

Dean started as a celebrity stylist and costume designer and today she is doing well as a Black woman entrepreneur. “I feel fortunate and empowered at the same time,” she said of her success as a Black female entrepreneur. “Every single day, I set the bar higher for myself, so I can show the world what we are capable of, and I think my business speaks for itself.” 

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