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‘I just want to leave school forever’- Girl battling cancer says after classmate ripped off her wig

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An 11-year-old Texas middle school student, who is battling cancer recently became the victim of an alleged bullying attack by a classmate, according to a WFAA report.

The 6th grader, A’Myah Moon was targeted by her classmate at Bowman Middle School in Plano over her new appearance.

She had been diagnosed with rare cancer in 2019 and lost all her hair as a result of chemotherapy. To help boost her confidence once she returned to school last October, Moon’s mother, Syreeta Smith said she got her daughter a wig.

'I just want to leave school forever'- Girl battling cancer says after classmate ripped off her wig
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However, a classmate ripped the wig off her head, calling her names in front of other students. Her mom described the situation as a “humiliating prank”.

According to Smith, a little girl she thought was a friend chased her around the gym and pulled her wig off in front of everyone. She said her daughter was being picked on and bullied over her appearance. ”We won’t tolerate it,” Smith said.

After the incident Moon said she locked herself in the restroom and cried. “I got really sad, and I got dizzy and I left.”

Moon was diagnosed with a rare cancer just over one year ago.
Pic Credit: Syreeta Smith/Facebook

“I just want to leave school forever, and don’t want to have no friends, no more,” Moon said.

Last week a group of people staged a demonstration in support of Moon. The protesters rallied outside the school to show their displeasure against bullying, holding signs that read: “Stop the bullies,” and “Save a life!”

Moon’s family said they just want her to be able to go to a school where she can be a normal kid and not stress about her ailment.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Plano Independent School District has released a statement saying the safety and well-being of all students is a top priority.

“Bowman Middle School and Plano ISD administrators have been responding to the situation and are working closely with all involved students and their parents. While we cannot discuss disciplinary measures as it relates to a specific student or students, our response to any behavioral concerns is always in accordance with district policy and the Plano ISD Student Code of Conduct. Plano ISD students are expected to treat one another with respect and civility and we will continue to reinforce this expectation”, the statement said.

But Moon’s family members, as well as other student’s parents, were displeased with the response, adding the school leaders aren’t acting swiftly.

“We didn’t know how real it was until our own child started going through it,” Shelia Walker, Moon’s grandmother said, adding that everyone needs to know that bullying is a serious issue.

Moon’s family disclosed that a close relative of the child, who snatched her wig called to apologize about the incident.

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