‘It’s really shameful’ – South Sudanese diplomat caught urinating during live interview

Ama Nunoo July 09, 2020
Gordon Buay Photo: KMAUPDATES

Online video conferencing is one tool that has helped many businesses and news outlets forge ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic as it allows for meetings from remote areas. It also comes with its own blunders as many often get too comfortable during the meetings forgetting the cameras may be on.

Such is the case of a South Sudanese diplomat in the United States who was caught on camera urinating during a Facebook live political discussion.

There is an online upheaval after this incident for which the said diplomat, Gordon Buay is in denial. Buay and other panellists were in talks about the appointment of a governor for Upper Nile state last week.

Halfway through the interview, Buay walked to the bathroom wearing a shirt and comfortably urinates as the other panelists watched the events unfold live, VOA reported.

A few commentators think Buay was intoxicated during the panel discussion because he is said to have been slightly erratic and shouted at the other panellists during the discussion.

Nonetheless, it is advisable to be extra aware of one’s surroundings during such interviews or video conferencing sessions. Although the video has been taken down by the organizers on YouTube, a clip of the blunder has gone viral and many believe Buay must resign.

In his response to the viral video, the Sudanese Diplomat wrote in a Facebook post that insinuates that the footage had been doctored because he told people not to believe the “fake video” of him relieving himself.

Immediately Buay finished relieving himself, the moderator Peter Keny ended the discussion after a serious altercation ensued between Buay and the other panelists.

“Thank you so much, brother, I really appreciate the time and I thank you, ambassador. South Sudanese that is your ambassador Gordon Buay, let us end the show, thank you so much, God bless you,” said the moderator.  

Fellow diplomat and political analyst James Okuk of the Center for Strategic Studies in Juba said Buay’s behaviour is not worthy of a diplomat and thus tarnished the image of South Sudan. He also holds the view that there should be some sort of disciplinary action taken against Buay.

“Such kind of behavior in line with diplomatic ethics has not happened anywhere in the history of international relations. So, it is really shameful and is tainting the image of South Sudan and it should not be taken lightly in Juba,” Okuk told South Sudan in Focus. 

The former diplomat to Khartoum and Brazil added that diplomats are public figures and role models so their behavior should be of a high standard. He stressed Buay should be investigated and recalled from his position.

“Pretending to defend the government while naked and also trying to talk in a chaotic manner when he is drunk and then going to the toilet to pee without switching off the camera of the phone and coming back to defend saying there was nothing wrong.  Something just really must be done,” Okuk said. 

Buay had already been part of a group of 43 diplomats who were recalled to Juba in February.

His current appointment in the United States was spearheaded by South Sudan’s Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mayen Dut Wol in March who wrote a letter to cancel the recall.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: July 9, 2020


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