Jewish Heart for Africa

Sandra Appiah April 04, 2011

Jewish Heart for Africa is the type of organization that Face2face Africa likes to partner with. This non for profit organization is committed to teaching Africans in villages who lack resources and education the importance of being self-reliant. All of Jewish Heart for Africa’s initiatives are hands on and are geared to ensure that the local people learn how to create their own and be self sufficient from the process.

The mission of Jewish Heart for Africa is to bring sustainable Israeli technologies to rural African villages. The organization facilitates development in Africa using clean, alternative technologies in order to fight climate change, conserve water, and provide for sustainable economic development. The organization’s main projects include project soil, which installs Israeli solar panels to provide power to schools and clinics, and water pumping systems. Their other major project, Project Agro, uses innovative agricultural practices such as drip irrigation to make agriculture possible in regions of drought, providing food for villages and promoting eco- growth. The organization currently operates in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda and aspires to expand to other African countries.

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