Fitness Tip 105: Nothing Will Work Unless You Do!

Coach Cass June 22, 2015
Cassandra Nuamah

When it comes to seeing changes in your body and your life in general, there’s unfortunately no magic potion or pill you can take, even though I wish there was! You just have to put in that work!!! Still, you really can’t be mad about results you don’t see from work you don’t do. Some of us have to work a little harder then others and it sucks, BUT it sucks more to be unhappy with your current situation.

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Most of the time, it takes just a little more effort on your part to see massive results. That might mean paying more attention to your diet or finances or relationships. That might be challenging yourself to practice things you never do so you can see things you never see. Whatever it is, just know that to see 100 percent results, you have to put in 100 percent effort. Don’t realistically put in only 75 percent work and be mad you’re not seeing the full 100 percent. Let’s do it! Time to get to work!!!

Coach Cass

lemon waterCoach Cass Nutritional Tip of the Week:

A cup of lemon water, especially hot water, in the morning to start off your day has the following benefits:

Oral Health – It’s antibacterial component eliminates mouth bacteria that causes bad breath. It also soothes toothaches and oral diseases like gingivitis, while helping with teeth whitening.

Stress Reducer – The vitamin C in lemon along with the smell helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Natural Diuretic – It increases urination, hence eliminating bacteria which causes urinary tract infections. Lemon water also helps with the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Detox and Fat Burner – It is a natural detox, clearing the toxins and cutting the unwanted fat in your body.


Coach Cass Fit Tip of the Week:Here are five reasons planks (pictured above) are awesome for you:Planks

1. They can basically be done anywhere.

2. They increase flexibility in the posterior muscle groups throughout your body.

3. They can improve your appearance by activating core muscles, which stabilize your spine and hips, improving your posture.

4. They help strengthen the midsection, upper body, and lower body muscles along the front of your body.

5. They stretch muscles that commonly stiffen throughout the day and contribute to stress.

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