Njenga, Stop Abusing Handicapped Children for Sexual Pleasure

Nyanchama Oyunge June 24, 2015


Congratulations, you almost became a Father! Can you imagine that? Only that this pregnancy ended as a miscarriage. You are fertile even though you walk around in those tight pants of yours in the name of fashion (everyone was worried for those balls). But, Njenga, is this why you still live in a room adjoined to your father’s house? Is this why you have refused to marry kabisa, so that you can sexually harass minors who are mentally handicapped?

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Is that what you read from those newspapers and magazines that you always walk around with? Njenga, the men whose foreskins were removed at the same time as you are now married with two children and others (the hyperactive ones) with three children. Like Muchiri, for instance, you shared the same clay soil early that morning, before the circumcisor came forth with his knife.

But now?

Muchiri’s daughter is graduating to upper primary next year, while you sit in your mother’s living room dressed in shorts so short that it looks like an oversized boxer — marbles explicit underneath — with a mug of coffee in your right hand and the remote control in your left hand.

I wish you had a wife to prepare you the coffee, you’d love it.

But it’s your mum!

You are watching soft pornography with your father seated across from you because he can’t sleep with all that noise from the TV (poor thing. If that TV had the guts to prosecute you for overuse, misuse or even both, you’d be rotting in jail by now, Njenga).

Men your age are asleep, sound asleep, snoring with their wives held snugly next to them or even on their tired chests. Who told you your father wants to hear about Caitlyn Jenner who was…who was….? Who was he before she decided to become a she?

So now that she increased the feminine population on this earth, are you going to ditch the bachelor’s club? And that coffee table on which your hairy legs are resting, do you know its worth? When do you plan to buy your own anyway? Are you not ashamed that you wait outside the door so you can pee after your mother poops in the morning?

Just wish to know, old buddy.

 I have no problem with you, Njenga; you want to stay in your mother’s house until all the hairs in your body, including those that you never shave, turn gray?


You want to put on a tight trouser until you can’t peacefully fart without tearing it?


You want to watch hard and soft porn with your father?

As you wish, son.

But Njenga…about this girl Kawira; she has been bleeding since yesterday. And you know her, she rarely stays still, she refuses to wear pads, she even refuses to wear a panty. Instead, she keeps walking around with blood flowing down her thighs to her legs and on to the ground, leaving a trail of red on the hospital floor.

You know where that blood oozes from?

You think it’s hell, only Satan makes hell so bad.

That blood, Njenga, is your baby; it has refused to stay in the womb. That unborn child feels that it’s wrong to be born. But you, you a respected man with lots of money and a big car, you don’t care, do you? If you did, you would have thought before doing it. You would have engaged your brains fully.

Kawira spoke by the way; we know that you gave her a 50-shilling note (50 shillings!) after putting your “thing” in to her.

Now there, you put Satan in that hell and now blood, blood, blood. You even threatened to kill her if she told anybody. Are you going to kill her now that she told us? Are you normal, Njenga, or are you also mentally challenged? I see no difference between you and a stray dog in Majengo, Njenga.

Don’t you have even a morsel of humanity in you? Kawira’s mother, I pity her. That widow? Isn’t having a mentally handicapped child enough tragedy to her according to you? Why then do you want her to cry her lungs out by impregnating her daughter?

You might  want to tell me you didn’t know that she will become pregnant if you did her? Is that so, Njenga? That mentally challenged women grow breasts, that their hips become wider and swing this way, that way, and this way again as they walk around, but they can’t get pregnant?

Now listen. Njenga, and all others out there like you: you are a shame to the male species. How I wish you could have died before you were born (no pun intended), may hell fire consume you soon, may your testicles outgrow the space between your thighs, may your penis refuse to erect every time you are in the presence of any skirt wearer. May you be washed away by a strange flu from the Cudiamarca. May you never grow.


Mothers with mentally handicapped children, never send your daughters anywhere unaccompanied. This spherical world has turned upside down and people — weak enough not to approach a woman — are bound to take advantage of them knowing that they will never speak.

Children who have been raped must be taken to the hospital immediately, that is the only way pregnancy and HIV will be avoided. They should not shower or change their clothing after a rape ordeal to help assist in evidence and DNA tests to capture those mindless perpetrators.

P.S. “Njenga,” “Muchiri,” and “Kawira” are purely fictional in this case. I have nothing against the”Njengas” and the “Kawiras” in this world.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: June 25, 2015


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